Are you visiting Stockholm, dont miss these things

Are you visiting Stockholm, dont miss these things

Traveling to Stockholm and stay there a while for different reasons is common. Many companies bring workers from other countries for meetings and work but also guests for weddings are a thing. To save some money while visiting it is common to  rent apartments Djurgården or in another part of Stockholm, an apartment makes the stay more personal and flexible.

While being in Stockholm you should not miss out on visiting certain places, there are lots of locations that deserves exploration and is at part of adventures in Sweden.

Color by numbers
Imagine to color a high building with an app, installed in 2006 the 20 story building projects colored lights from windows in any hue.
It is free to connect with an app or call a free number there you control the colors with the keypad. The tower can be seen from the most parts of Stockholm and is nearby some of the apartments Stockholm that you can rent.

The Swedish solar system
Everyone know about Globen that is a large round building in Stockholm where several large events are every year. Few people know that is it a part of the solar system and represents the sun in the scale of 1:20 million. All other planets properly scaled are placed around Stockholm and its suburbs. Jupiter is at the Arlanda Airport, Saturn is placed in Uppsala while Pluto is at Delsbo 300km away.

Viking dinner Experience
In the old town of Stockholm there is a sign with runes leading down to a dark basement, inside you will encounter a large hall covered in benches, furs and weapons from the time of the vikings.
Aifur is the name of the place and is a restaurant that is devoted to viking food, drink and decor, You will have too book at least a month in advance to get a table due to the popularity.
Dishes with simple ingredients that was available during the viking age containing all from reindeer, lamb and root vegetables accompanied with mead, ales and other drinks from that period of time.